FA-Series Short Stubby Antenna
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  • FA-Series Short Stubby Antenna

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  • Type:Fixed length
    Reception:4.5 out of 5
    Note:This antenna will not fit all cars. Please browse by brand if you are unsure of compatibility.

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Q: How is the radio reception of these antennas when comparing to OEM one?

A: The radio reception will decrease since these antennas are shorter.

Q: What are the antennas made of?

A: All of stubby antennas are made of high quality aluminum, while decorative antennas are made of plastic and Fuba antennas are made of rubber.

Q: I have a power antenna, can I replace it with stubby antennas?

A: If you have a power antenna, our antennas will not fit unless you modify the base of your existing antenna.

Q: How do I install the antennas?

A: Most roof mounted antennas can be uninstalled by hand, just twist it off and install our stubby antennas. If you have a fender mounted antenna, you may need to use a wrench to take it off.

Q: How do I know if the antennas will fit my car?

A: Please click on the make of your car at the left column and browse for your car. Please keep in mind that all antennas are different and the compatible models are also different for each stubby antenna.

Q: I really like the roof mounted stubby antennas, but my car does not come with a roof mounted antenna.

A: You can always purchase one of the decorative antennas from us.

Short Stubby Antenna Installation Instructions